Terms of Use

General terms and conditions for the use of PoscheCastings.com by Models, Agents/Agencies, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, and other Fashion Industry Professionals.

When registering for PoscheCastings.com, Industry Professionals agree to accept the following general terms and conditions.

The Professional enters into this agreement on the usage of PoscheCastings.com, a Hong Kong Company.

1. Subject Matter:                                             

PoscheCastings.com offers Professionals a platform for the global hiring of male and female models who have submitted their model profiles and materials to PoscheCastings.com.  Furthermore, approved member Model Agencies may upload photos of and promote their models.

Registered Model Agencies may use the services of PoscheCastings.com when PoscheCastings.com has confirmed the right to do so.  The right to post materials on PoscheCastings.com is subject to final approval by PoscheCastings.com.

PoscheCastings.com provides Fashion Industry Professionals with a platform where they can establish contacts with Models, Model Agencies, Photographers and other various Fashion Professionals, provided that  such users have agreed to be contacted and have set their account accordingly.

PoscheCastings.com shall not be a contracting party in the agreements between models and industry professionals.  Thus, PoscheCastings.com is not liable for breaches in such agreements.

2. Registration:

Professionals must submit for approval for membership and postings on PoscheCastings.com

The Professional represents that data provided for Registration is accurate.

The Professional shall create a password upon Registration, which is needed in order to access his/her account on PoscheCastings.com.   PoscheCastings.com will not disclose the password to any third party and PoscheCastings.com employee's shall not ask for the Professional's password at any time.

3.  Obligation:

The Professional is obliged to provide only true and non-misleading statements in communication with Members.

4.  Termination of Subscription:

Member Professionals may terminate his/her membership to PoscheCastings.com at any time.  

During any term for which a Member is in good standing with Membership on PoscheCastings.com termination could only be terminated for "good cause".   A  "good cause" is an event which makes it unacceptable for PoscheCastings.com to continue the membership, taking into the account all circumstances of the individual case.

Unacceptable practices include among others, any of the following events:     

If the Member fails to comply with legal provisions.

If the member breaches a material contractual obligation.

If PoscheCastings.com considers the Member is involved in immoral activity.