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Posche Promotions/Models continues to grow on the world stage. Founded in USA in 2001, Posche has offices and network connections globally. Posche leads the field, and is becoming Asia's premiere Staffing Agency. Headquartered in USA and teams thoughout Asia,  We have clients, and we need the best Brand Ambassadors and Models globally. For 2024, Posche Promotions will focus on Production,  Short and Long Term Brand Ambassador Placements, and Pageant and Model Development.  All Asia Posche offices are owned/operated by Anabelle Workman.  Questions, concerns, comments contact us: or

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With decades of Fashion Industry presence, Posche has become a well recognized global Fashion Industry name.  For models and/or Brand Ambassadors, your profiles will be submitted with Major and Upward trending brands globally.   For, clients, Posche provides the smiling reliable quality staffers that parallel your brand needs.  The focus is to achieve focus of harmonious excellent teamwork to achieve the highest quality complete Service and Productions.

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Since the forefront of is oriented and spotlights traditional Fashion Industry goals, not everyone will be approved to publish on  Our concept is not to be broad based as similar sites might be, but to bring the industry's conventional boutique thinking, and achieve this via International professionally based conservative business type characteristics within the scope of our target markets.

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