About PoscheCastings.com

In and ever changing fast paced world, that is increasingly influenced and energized by internet and social media, PoscheCastings.com has been created to unify the Fashion Industry with our integrated platform.  Our platform covers the aspects of not only today's Fashion World, but, also targets the conventional conservative mainstream foundation that has made this industry spectacular.

Why post on PoscheCastings.com?

With decades of Fashion Industry presence, Posche has become a well recognized global Fashion Industry name.  For models, you will be submitted and/or featured with International Agencies and Posche clientele.  For Fashion Professionals,  Posche brings the industry together with PoscheCastings.com approved quality professionals within our network.  The PoscheCastings.com focus is to achieve focus of harmonious excellent teamwork to achieve the highest quality complete Productions.

Am I guaranteed to be featured on PoscheCastings.com?

Since the forefront of PoscheCastings.com is oriented and spotlights traditional Fashion Industry goals, not everyone will be approved to publish on PoscheCastings.com.  Our concept is not to be broad based as similar sites might be, but to bring the industry's conventional boutique thinking, and achieve this via International professionally based Marketing and site Members.