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Please submit the following as your official “performance” to be reviewed by our board. If chosen as one of our contestants, you will be given more detail about the multiple ways you will be financially compensated for your efforts. Whatever you submit is final. However you can submit a new entry every month for each individual competition.



Video bio guidelines:


Video will consist of 3 categories. (You can split up the 3 sections time wise however you like. So the intro could be just 1 min, then 28 min in the second part and 1 minute in the 3rd part. As long as the total video time is at least 15 minutes and does not exceed 30 minutes.)

                                           An Online Beauty/ Talent Competition inspired by the Crypto Currency Community. 

                                       Top 10 Winners in each Round to enjoy in the profits and 1 to be named Miss Metaverse.


What makes the Miss Metaverse Pageant the best?

A community driven of New Wealth Crypto investors will pay to vote, and when an Investor votes for his/her favorite contestant, that amount is added to the total prize pool. Votes cost on average $1,000 per vote for the voter/ judges.

How do I submit?

Submit 3 head shots and 3 body shots. From submission, Miss Metaverse judges will narrow the field down to the Top 50.


Miss Metaverse Management team will notify the Top 50 and inform of the clear guidelines on how to create your Bio video submission to be judged. Correctly completed and submitted Bio Video and final submissions will be published on Miss Metaverse website and each finalist that submitted correctly will be paid $1000 USD as agreement to publish their submitted video and photos.


Once all the votes have been counted and the final prize pool is determined, the top 10 out of 50 chosen contestants will receive 50% of the total prize pool. The more votes, the bigger the prize pools.

Where will the competition be held?

This is a 100% online event. The top 50 finalists will be instructed to:

  • Simply submit a 15-min. video bio

  • 20-40 pictures

  • A written bio


November 15th 2021- Entry submissions begin.

December 1st 2021- Voting will start

December 31st, 2021.  Votes will be counted, and Winners will be announced

January 1st and payment will follow immediately.

Who can Join?

Event is open to Contestants 18 years old and above.

Simply email us at

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